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Thermoskin Quality

Learn more about us here! Thermoskin, is Australia’s most trusted brand in wearable braces and supports to assist with pain management, performance, comfort and rehabilitation

Thermoskin supports and braces are a vital element in maintaining and enjoying your active lifestyle, protecting the well being of your greatest asset – your body.  Allowing you the freedom to enjoy your active lifestyle, through therapy and pain management for musculoskeletal conditions. Our products incorporate the quality standard of world’s best practice in materials, R&D, manufacturing,  and distribution and will remain the benchmark of the industry.

Thermoskin is the only brand within the braces and supports category to partner with and be endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) and that places great importance on creating products and processes that are enviromentally sustainable

SCI QUAL International - Quality Approved Company

This is great news for the millions of Australians who suffer from muscular pain and soft tissue injuries. The Thermal & EXO Thermoskin ranges are a game changer thanks to the introduction of thermo-regulating fabrics, that release energy in the form of heat. The EXO Range converts moisture into heat increasing muscle temperature and blood flow – both highly effective in aiding recovery of muscle pain and soft tissue injuries.  Our Thermal Range allows for similar muscular recovery but utilises  Thermal Trioxin Advantage Technology to draw the moisture away from the skin ensuring braces feel comfortable enough to be worn for longer periods of time. Our products incorporate the quality standard of world’s best practice in materials, R&D, manufacturing and distribution and will remain the benchmark of the industry.  We will continue the evolution, as we focus on enhancements to the brand and maintain “quality thinking” processes at all times.

Our Sports, Compression and Dynamic Compression ranges provide unparallel support, comfort and compression with flexibility to enhance your active lifestyle. 

You don’t have to be an athlete to feel the benefits of Thermoskin products. They are proven to provide relief and ongoing support when worn casually, during exercise or at work.

Thermoskin products are available from Priceline Pharmacy, Terry White Chemmart, Discount Drug Stores and leading pharmacies nationally or via ihealthsphere.com.au