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Voting: 4th – 25th May 2016
Recipients Announced: 6th June 2016

Total Votes:   89

Alexandra Kiroi


Rhythmic Gymnastics

State / Area:

VIC / Metro

Funding Requested


Voting has now finished.

Recipients will be announced on 6th June 2016.

About Alexandra Kiroi

Rhythmic Gymnastics is an Olympic sport, one of the younger sports on the list of Summer Olympic sports, it constantly develops. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful sports as rhythmic gymnasts usually possess great body complexion, extreme flexibility and their presentations are performed in extravagant leotards of custom design with 1000s Swarovski stones. The sport combines strength, flexibility, speed, ballet and other dance elements, dexterity, apparatus skills, coordination and more. It only seems like an easy sport, when it is on the level with Artistic gymnastics considered one of the most difficult one. I am a Junior International Rhythmic Gymnast with almost 8 years of being in the sport. I started when I was 6 and have been training at Prahran Rhythmic Gymnastics. I won Australian Gymnastics Championship in 2015 and won a number of International tournaments in the past.

Value to the Individual

Rhythmic Gymnastics means a lot for me as it takes more than 50 % of my life, If I am not at school or at home asleep I am in the gym training, or travelling to a competition or a training camp. My whole family is heavily involved in the sport as volunteers because of my involvement in the sport. Being a gymnast has tailored my life in a way that I have to be very organised and disciplined to be able to cope with both school and gym, as I spend a lot of time away from school I have to be able to catch up and most of the time I have to go ahead of the class to keep up with work, My daily timetable is also very tight.

Why the funds are needed

Funds required to maintain my sporting needs which are extensive. My expenses are Training fees - 12000 p.a. Traveling expenses 10000 p.a. Uniforms and leotards 5000 p.a. Competition entry 1000 p.a Preventative and treatment medicine 1000 p.a Apparatus 800 p.a. As the funding is offered by thermoskin - a sports wear company I believe it would be fare to spend large portion of the grant on training clothes like tights/tops ($800) the rest I would prefer to spend on a leotard, apparatus and travel in even portions.($230 each way)


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