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Voting: 4th – 25th May 2016
Recipients Announced: 6th June 2016

Total Votes:   2

Izaac Brindley


National Horse Cutting

State / Area:

QLD / Regional

Funding Requested


Voting has now finished.

Recipients will be announced on 6th June 2016.

About Izaac Brindley

Izaacs passion for cutting began 3 years ago when he had a lesson on a cutting horse chasing a cow. He competed in a local event last year at Mt Beppo, JR Cutting, He will be preparing to compete later in the year at beginner level on his own cutting bred horse, Phantom, in his saddle which was specially made for him last year. His saddle had to be custom made to lock him in at secure as possible as he has low muscle tone, the saddle has been fitted with a seat belt for extra security. Cutting is a team sport where ride and horse work together to cut a cow and drive it from the herd. Izaac and his horse are training together to achieve his dream goal of competing at a National level in the future.

Value to the Individual

Cutting is now Izaacs dream and obsession. He copes with being a deaf/mute along with many other health issues, including low muscle tone. The sport of Cutting has given Izaac a passionate drive which has given him purpose to his life. He is supported and welcomed at events he attends to watch and learn, observing the skills and learning from the pros. Prior to being introduced to the sport of Cutting Izaac didnt have a particular sport he was able to participate in, he is an avid football fan but playing was never an option for him. Cutting is fast paced and competitive with your horse being your team member. Izaac has developed a strong bond with his horse as they train together and will be winners in the arena despite the score.

Why the funds are needed

Funds are needed to purchase some new riding boots $350.00 (quality leather) Izaac needs more sand for his yard to train in $400.00, membership to NCHA and entries $500.00, Transport to competitions $250.00 Izaac requires funding assistance as he is on a disability pension which doesnt leave much for sport or other expenses other than daily necessities. (People do assist him with his horse and handling it at events)


I have articles in magazines, Carers Queensland, Downunder Magazine. Page 42 page 5/16

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