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Voting: 4th – 25th May 2016
Recipients Announced: 6th June 2016

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Recipients will be announced on 6th June 2016.


KEELAN is disabled. He has autism, PSTD, General Anxiety Disorder, and serious language processing difficulties. He has motor skill deficits. He has asked that Jean, his grandmother complete his application. You can confirm this on 0447559785. I compete in State and Interstate competitions at ISA Preliminary Level. I started figure skating about 4 and a half years ago and took it up seriously about 3 and a half years ago. I first competed in 2013. The only skating rink is Tasmania is located in Glenorchy, 50 minutes from my home. It is a demanding sport, requiring peak physical fitness in all areas and performance skills. i do NOT compete as a disabled sportsperson. I train 5 days on ice - the other two days the rink is not open. I have one formal coaching lesson and 2 group lessons with Oxana Anichkina . I train off-ice 7 days a week.

Value to the Individual

Completed by Jean. Before Keelan commenced skating, he had very little in his world. His language and auditory processing disorders meant he had little communication with the world. At time diagnosis at the age of 6, he had a complete breakdown, spending weeks in hospital and was designated the worst case of autism in Tasmania. His autism along with his PSTD and GAD and motor skill deficits meant he was cut off from most social interaction and sports. Figure skating has opened up a whole new world. He is achieving at high levels, and is a dedicated skater focused on reaching as high as possible in his sport. He states that he always felt left out and unable to achieve anything. He now interacts with his fellow skaters, he is achieving at high levels, and he is determined to progress as far as he can. He is proud and self-confident.

Why the funds are needed

Keelan needs to learn in one on one sessions. This is expensive, but his auditory deficits, his language processing, and social problems mean group classes can only consolidate not teach skills. He also needs some physiotherapy. He is supported by his grandparents, who are both pensioners, which means he is unable to access the full training he needs. Keelan's language problems also mean he is unable to find employment at this stage. Money is also needed for costume, travel and higher level skates. This year he will compete in NSW in June in the prestigious Hollins' Trophy, and again in NSW in the Triple Challenge later in the year. He also hopes also hope to take him to the Crystal Challenge in Victoria. Figure skating is a demanding sport both physically and financially. It would be tragic if his dedication to skating is limited by his inability to access funding. Autistic children generally cannot participate in team sports and until Keelan learnt to figure skate he lived a very limited, isolated life. Being awarded a community grant would ensure that he could continue to compete this year. He works hard to achieve his dream to represent Australia,


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