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Voting: 4th – 25th May 2016
Recipients Announced: 6th June 2016

Total Votes:   290

MYC Gymnastics Squad 1


Gymnastics Victoria

State / Area:

VIC / Metro

Funding Requested


Voting has now finished.

Recipients will be announced on 6th June 2016.

About MYC Gymnastics Squad 1

MYC Gymnastics Squad 1 includes 14 members from the ages of 12 to 22. These girls are training and competing at National Level 8 - 10, which is the second tier in Australian gymnastics, under the International program. The girls all started gymnastics at a young age and now train for 24.5 hours a week over 7 sessions at the club premises in Mornington. Nine of the Squad 1 girls have been selected to represent Victoria at national level competitions this year, which is the ultimate goal of the gymnasts in the squad program. MYC's squad program has been developing over the last 10 years by our squad level coaches and the club's squad program now has over 80 gymnastics, both male and female. These team members also participate in volunteer training programs to become the future coaches of our club.

Value to the Community

The members of MYC Gymnastics Squad 1 are the leaders and role models of our club. MYC Gymnastics has over 800 members and as the girls train each day of the week, they are seen by all members of the club, the younger gymnasts, their parents and the wider community. The younger gymnasts strive to 'be like' their role models and do this by watching the squad members perform their skills, their positive attitude, their sportsmanship and their dedication to training. You often see the younger girls 'copying' the dance moves and skills from the older girls routines. This has a positive impact on the club and increases the sense of community. The Squad 1 girls give praise and often watch the skills of the younger gymnasts. The Squad 1 team members also train to become the future coaches of our club.

Why the funds are needed

We are applying for funds to purchase a set of Day 2 leotards. When competing at competitions gymnasts compete in the club leotard on day 1 and a second club leotard on day 2. This is a new initiative for 2016 and is an extra cost that parents would have to pay on top of the $7110 a year they pay for training and competitions. The parents already purchase a day one leotard, club tracksuit, warm up leotard, grips and a club bag. As the day 2 leotard is only worn three times a year for competitions, we as a club would like to have a set of these leotards that the girls can use on these occasions. Each day 2 leotard costs $300 and this grant would allow us to purchase 5 of these leotards and the club will fundraise to purchase more of these leotards.


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