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Voting: 4th – 25th May 2016
Recipients Announced: 6th June 2016

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Phoebe Gulliver


Horse Trials

State / Area:

NSW / Regional

Funding Requested


Voting has now finished.

Recipients will be announced on 6th June 2016.

About Phoebe Gulliver

I have been competing in Horse Trials in NSW and Victoria for over 20 years, buying Thoroughbreds off the track and giving them a second chance as performance horses. I compete locally as well as travel around NSW to events. I currently have one horse that is turning into a great eventer. His career started on the race track where he was very unsuccessful, and sold on as a pleasure horse. Being a bit of a handful, and not particularly pleasurable, I could see his potential and decided to give him a go. I have spent 2 years training him and started competing 12 months ago. He has gone from the lowest level in eventing (newcomers) and now competes at Preliminary (95 cm), and will go Pre Novice in the spring. This horse turns heads where ever we go, showing a great jumping technique and paces.

Value to the Individual

I have ridden horses since I was 5 and today sitting here typing this to you, I cant wait to get out and ride. I laugh when I tell people that I still ride, saying "I thought I would have grown out of it", but horses are in my blood and that's that. After having 3 children, my desire to ride and compete has only got stronger, and my resolve to do well has only strengthened. The bond I share with my horses is that of a team mate, we trust each other. I put my life in their hands each time I get on, but have no doubt of where we are going. Having horses in my life has helped me through some very difficult stages. I am incredibly thankful to have them in my life.

Why the funds are needed

Supporting older women in sport is hugely important. Women need to be encouraged and supported to contribute within all aspects of the community, including sport. Rural women (and men) often have to train extensively alone and travel huge distances to access events and training facilities. Its a massive commitment to remain competitive at this stage of life when there is very little support available. These courageous women are role models for young women, their families, and the local community and should be recognised for the contributions they make. Increasing women's confidence to continue to develop their sporting skills as well as sharing their knowledge and helping others to follow their sporting passion is a direct result of this funding. Thermoskin Community Sports Fund 2016 are to be congratulated for providing this opportunity to support teams and individuals to continue their sporting endeavours. This money will contribute to: Equestrian Australia membership for 2016-17, $260.00 Back protector $300 Helmet $220 New Uniform (jacket/jodhpurs/tie) $410 Boots $180 $0 - Increase my confidence and determination to continue competing. $0 - Continue being a role model for young riders and older riders with the region. $0 - Promote Thermoskin CSF 2016.


You can go to the Equestrian Australia website for further information on Eventing.

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