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Voting: 4th – 25th May 2016
Recipients Announced: 6th June 2016

Total Votes:   71

Super Hero’s - Doyalson Wyee Soccer Club


Central Coast Football Association

State / Area:

NSW / Regional

Funding Requested


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Recipients will be announced on 6th June 2016.

About Super Hero’s - Doyalson Wyee Soccer Club

Super Hero's is a initiative of a very dear friend of mine Robyn Ellery at Doyalson This year we have 7 players signed up, compared to 4 last season. We are hoping that number will grow in the next few weeks. Started in 2015. Having been involved with the football club and committee for 20 years, she has watched of lot of children/families come and go, after signing up and purchasing all the required clothing and equipment, only to face being either unfairly treated, excluded, and/or bullied by team mates and/or coaches. Although some of these issues are brought to the attention of officials, with the aim of solving the situation, the child is too deflated and Unconfident to return. Hence a lot of money wasted. Some of the issues with these kids varied from lack of social skills, ADHD, delayed processing issues, fine motor skill issues to minor physical

Value to the Community

Robyn also work' as a Teachers Aide with Autistic children. The levels and variations differ tremendously. It was 3 years ago when she started working with the kids and realised that the kids she worked with and the kids that she has watched come and go within our Football Club deserve to be given an opportunity to be able to participate in a team/sporting environment, just like all other kids within the community. So she did some research, made the appropriate enquiries and presented the proposal to our Club Committee. Robyn was confident that the Club would support her, but the proposal was accepted overwhelmingly by waiving all fees, as well as supplying a full strip (shorts, socks and jersey), as well as supplying on a return basis, balls, cones, bibs, nets and an open invite to use any agility equipment that we would like or need to use.

Why the funds are needed

The funds will go towards supporting the kids with equipment that will make the sessions more valuable week in and out and with variety. Hula Hoops. Bubble Machine's Balls that are appropriate for the special needs kids, with bells in them ect. Robyn's main vision was to see these kids with soccer boots on, a team uniform, with a ball at their feet and being able to tell their family and friends that they are playing Soccer on Saturdays, but most of all getting out amongst the community and feeling a sense of belonging in an environment suited to their specific needs. Sessions will depend entirely on how the kids present each week. but we are pleased to say that to date we haven't had any kids sit the whole session out, in fact she is finding it hard to end the session because the kids enjoy it so much that they just want to keep going. And seeing the smiles on the kids faces and the families faces is so rewarding and overwhelming. And that's why she does this!!

This is our Local Clubs Facebook page, Super Hero's do not have their own but they are mentioned at times on the page.

Robyn shared a few words from last weeks session about a new little guy (6) that came along for the 1st time who was incredibly shy and anxious, and mum said he just wouldn't leave her side or stop crying, when she signed him up with a team last year. But she was incredibly happy just to see him sit the 1st 10 minutes sitting on the sideline with a beautiful smile on his face and then he made the decision to bring himself onto the field to partake in the game, holding my hand. When I asked him if he was coming again next week he looked at his mum and gave an endless nod with a grin from ear to ear

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