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Voting: 4th – 25th May 2016
Recipients Announced: 6th June 2016

Total Votes:   996

Zaine Hill


Australian Karate Federation

State / Area:

NSW / Metro

Funding Requested


Voting has now finished.

Recipients will be announced on 6th June 2016.

About Zaine Hill

Zaine started training 4 years ago and has reached the grade of 1st Dan Black Belt. He is the current GO-Kan-Ryu World Champion, Shotokan State Champion and NSW Karate Federation State Champion for both Kata and Kumite. Zaine has travelled all over Australia competing and last year in Liverpool in the UK for the World Championships where he won double Gold. Zaine has featured in local newspapers on several occasions, the most recent being his nomination for Junior Sportstar of the year awards. With Karate being nominated as an Olympic sport for the Japan Olympics in 2020, Zaine's goal to be on the first team to represent Australia in this sport. Unfortunately there is no funding for Karate in Australia and to reach the levels required to be world ranked overseas competitions are essential. Zaine trains 6 days a week and is completely selfless and dedicated to achieving his goals.

Value to the Individual

Zaine is a bit of a quiet achiever, he dedicates so much of his time to perfecting his skill in Karate by training 6 days a week despite being in year 11 at school and preparing for his HSC. He always assists students in class ranked both below him and above him. He is respected by all of his seniors who have many more years of experience due to the level of skill dedication respect and humility he expresses in class. Zaine rarely talks about his achievements outside of class, he is very humble and respectfull of both his sport and those around him. In fact it wasn't until we applied for extended leave from school for Zaine to compete in the World Cup that any of his teachers or even most of the students realized Zaine even did Karate, it has taught him Respect, Discipline, Humility, and Honour.

Why the funds are needed

Associated Costs: NSW Karate Federation membership : $990.00 per annum Shotokan Karate Do International Australia membership $120 Shotokan Karate Do training fees: $800 per annum (twice a week) Go-Kan-Ryu training fees: $2,448 per annum (4 times a week) Personal Coaching: $2700 at $90 per hour NSW Karate Federation uniform: $590 Kumite Gi's: $450 (3 required at $150 each) Kata Gi's: $660 (3 required at $220 each) Compression wear for training, gloves, groin guard, shin pads, chest protector and mouth guard: $425 AKF Tournament entry Fees: $675 (5 tournaments at $135 each) Shotokan Tournament entry fees: $120 (2 tournaments at $60 each) Go-Kan-Ryu Tournament entry fees: $300 (5 tournaments at $60 each) Now that Zaine is competing in the Australian Karate Federation (AKF), he has access to compete in World Karate Federation (WKF) sanctioned tournaments overseas. We as parents try our best to cover the above, which you can see is pretty costly, however since joining the AKF it has become considerably more expensive, this is the only option if Zaine wants to realize his dream of representing Australia at the 2020 Olympics as the team will only be selected from the AKF the only Australian Government recognized organization for Karate.


World Karate Federation :

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Zaine's World Cup attempt in the UK :

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