Overuse of the Adductor Muscle-Tendon Unit (Adductor Tendinopathy) Information

Overuse of the Adductor Muscle-Tendon Unit (Adductor Tendinopathy)


The muscles that draw the leg inwards (adduct the hip joint) are adductor longus, adductor magnus, adductor brevis, gracilis and pectineus. Each of these muscles arises from the pubic bone.

Anatomy: Leg - Injury: Overuse of the Adductor Muscle-Tendon Unit (Adductor Tendinopathy) Information

Mechanism of Injury

  • Degeneration and inflammation of the adductor muscle tendons near their insertion onto the pubic bone may be caused by repeated contraction of these muscles, occurring generally in athletes. It may be of gradual onset or progress from a muscle strain.


  • Pain and tenderness at the origin or at the junction of the muscle-tendon unit near the pubic bone and this may radiate downward. The pain often decreases after initial exertion and can disappear completely, only to return after training with even greater intensity.
  • By pressing the legs towards each other against resistance pain can be triggered.
  • Functional impairment, eg. inability to participate in regular activity or sports is common.


Please consult with your medical professional for a complete diagnosis and treatment plan.

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