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The cervical spine (neck region) consists of seven bones (C1-C7 vertebrae), which are separated from one another by intervertebral discs. These discs allow the spine to move freely and act as shock absorbers during weight bearing activity. Ligaments support the joints of the spine. There are also several muscles that attach to this region of the spine.

Anatomy: Back / Torso - Injury: Whiplash Information

Mechanism of Injury

‘Whiplash’ injuries occur when the neck is rapidly extended and then flexed. Pathology is usually due to a combination of injuries as a result of over-stretching and also compression of the structures in the cervical spine due to rapid acceleration/deceleration forces eg. from a motor vehicle accident.


  • Pain in the cervical region, especially during movement.
  • Pain may radiate to the arms.
  • Functional limitation of movement.
  • Muscle spasm in the region.
  • In severe cases, there may be impaired sensation in the skin, and muscle weakness or paralysis below the level of the injury.
  • Swallowing deficits may be present due to an intervertebral disc bulge or swelling.


Please consult with your medical professional for a complete diagnosis and treatment plan.

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