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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Information

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


The carpal tunnel is formed of the bones of the hand and a fibrous sheath, the flexor retinaculum. The median nerve and nine tendons of the flexor muscles of the forearm pass through this tunnel.

Carpal tunnel syndrome results from narrowing of the tunnel, due to swelling of any of the tendons or their outer layer (synovial sheath). The median nerve may be compressed as it passes through the tunnel.

Anatomy: Hand / Wrist / Thumbs - Injury: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Information


  • Distal palmar tenderness.
  • Intermittent tingling and numbness in the thumb and the next two and a half fingers.
  • Clumsiness or loss of dexterity.
  • Loss of grip strength and hypotrophy of the thumb muscles can be found in prolonged and severe cases.
  • Holding the wrist in hyperflexion for 30 seconds may cause numbness in the hand.
  • Unless numbness is one of the predominant symptoms, it is unlikely the symptoms are primarily caused by carpal tunnel syndrome.


Please consult with your medical professional for a complete diagnosis and treatment plan.

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