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Thermoskin Technology

Variable compression zones provide targeted support for muscle maintenance pre and post-injury, whilst allowing the breathable, skin-friendly knit to adapt to every movement.

Need Support? We’ve Got You, because to move is to live.


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Why choose Thermoskin

For more than 30 years, Thermoskin has established itself as a leading brand in the supports and braces category. Leading the way with innovative developments in injury pain management and thermal technology. Thermoskin is the only supports and braces company to by endorsed by The Australian Physiotherapy Association. Thermoskin braces and supports are known for providing medical grade compression, enhancing stability and utilising moisture wicking technology for unlimited comfort.

Looking for more information about which product suits your injury best? There is plenty of injury information and guides to help both clinicians and individuals get the best product for their problem. Please ensure you have a diagnosis from your healthcare practitioner first so that you make an educated decision and we can help guide you to the right product for your injury.

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