Shin Splints Information

Shin Splints


The tibialis anterior (front) is a muscle that spans the length of the tibia (lower leg). It originates in the upper two-thirds of the lateral (outside) surface of the tibia and inserts into the medial cuneiform and first metatarsal bones of the foot. It acts to dorsiflex and invert the foot.

Anatomy: Leg - Injury: Shin Splints Information

Mechanism of Injury

‘Shin splints’ is an umbrella term, used to describe pain in the shin. It may be caused by three different mechanisms:

  • Stress reaction in the tibia bone itself. May be due to increased training on hard surfaces.
  • Anterior compartment syndrome or increased pressure within the fascial sheath of the anterior lower leg.
  • Inflammation of the tendon attachments to the tibia bone.


  • There is vertical tenderness over the distal inside aspect of the tibia, which can be intense. It can be local but also spreads diffusely longitudinally. The tenderness is usually pronounced over the lower half of the bone.
  • A certain degree of swelling can be felt and seen.
  • The pain ceases at rest but returns on renewed activity.
  • Pain is triggered when the toes or ankle joint are bent in plantar flexion.
  • Local tenderness occurs usually in the lower half of the tibia.


Please consult with your medical professional for a complete diagnosis and treatment plan.

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