EXO™ Knee Patella Strap


Thermoskin EXO™ Knee Patella Strap - 80161

Designed to place pressure below the knee and support the patella and tendon, reducing the load and helping prevent injury. The adjustable strap can be tightened from either side to ensure proper fit and placement of the supporting gel pad.

Support Level: Stabilising / Warmth Level: Low

Australian Physiotherapy Association endorsed

Thermoskin EXO™ Knee Patella Strap - 80161

EXO™ Thermo Regulation Technology

A new innovation to the Thermoskin® range our exclusive EXO™ thermo regulation material releases energy in the form of heat. EXO™ converts moisture into heat, working to provide increased muscle temperature and blood flow to aid in recovery. This is effective in the management of pain and injuries to soft tissue. The EXO™ range helps to maintain a lightweight feel by converting moisture away from the skin, giving a longer more comfortable wear.

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Thermoskin EXO™ Thermo Regulation Technology


Wash support before wear. Open patella strap and place gel pad just below the kneecap on the patella tendon. Pull straps evenly on each side to ensure even pressure and correct placement. Support should be firm but not too tight. Adjust as required.


Should an irritation or rash develop, discontinue use and seek medical advise. If pain persists, consult your medical professional.


Nylon, Polyester, Spandex, Rubber (EVA/PE) Foam.Does not contain Latex.

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